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September 14, 2020
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What is export business and how to start export business? business in which you sell products to country other than one where the products are manufactured. Where most of the exporters are running large corporations, 90 percent of exporters in Pakistan are small owners. So, to start your own export business in Pakistan, you will to decide of your product. After that complete requirements for establishing a business and develop your channels to sell your products.

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Plan your export business


Collect knowledge of export business. In order to get starting your export. You need to understand of the export industry and how actual exporters are working. You can get all these information from Chamber office and SECP office. Also have knowledge of tariffs and duties of country where you want to export.


What kind of export business you want to open. There are three types of operation that can exporter choose.

  • EMC – Export management company. These type of companies assume of marketing and selling products to other countries. These companies normally make money by commission, selling from others manufactures who cant sell their products themselves.
  • EM – Export merchant is an independent person that purchase products directly from manufacturer and sell to customer overseas.
  • ETC – Export trading companies seek out products to sell their customers in other countries.


Decide your business plan. You need to decide the size of your business. For example, you want to start home base business as sole employee or you are going to purchase work space or on lease and hire a staff for you export business.
However if you are making products on your own export them, you will earn more. Check your competitors prices first. You can also work on commission with manufacturers.

Starting your export business

Starting your export business
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Register your export business and apply for license. There are many Govt base offices like Chamber and SECP that can gives you information. Information about starting your business and all the license you need. Also check for your business name that is available or not.
Decide your business type. Some types are: sole proprietor, limited partnership and corporation. Be sure you have all information about license you need for your business.

Exporting your products successfully

Exporting your products successfully

Who export your products. Making successful sale of your product as a small exporter is difficult. That is why its best to make contact with distributor or agent.
Take advantage of technologies. To Create contact seek out overseas export forms, chat boards and directories. If you find some, post them with your offer and give them your website link.
Organize your shipping. Shipping can be FOB or FAS for buyers. FOB means seller is responsible for delivering shipment without any additional charges. All charges are include in a product price. Where as FAS means seller ship products to a ship and buyer take possession of products and pay dues of loaded and shipped.

Pricing and documentations

Set pricing and payment terms. When pricing your products you will have to decide first that your goods price in target country currency or in dollar. Working in dollars simplifies your payment terms and protect your currency.
Proper Documentation. When you start your export business, you will have to face large amount of paperwork. The relevant authority will provide your proper gaudiness for your business.

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