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How to increase star rating on Alibaba professionally?

What is Star supplier and why does it matter?

In Alibaba, stars or diamonds rating is very important. It really depends on your selling. You cannot buy a star rating. You have to increase in buy doing a different task. So, the question is Alibaba Star Rating Upgrade Professionally?

Star rating boosts your success on More star rating means more people find you on Alibaba and there is more probability that buyers will contact you. Millions of buyers daily come and find different suppliers.

How to increase star rating on Alibaba professionally?

Upgrade star rating on Alibaba professionally with these main steps

  1. Product Capability
  2. Service Capability
  3. Marketing Capability
How to increase star rating on Alibaba professionally?

Product Capability to increase star rating on Alibaba professionally

How to increase star rating on Alibaba professionally?

Product capability is the first thing that depends on your star rating. Once you join, now you have to upload your product for selling. While uploading a product you have to check your product rating should be more than 4 points.

  • Number of premium products
  • Product information score

45 products required for 1 star, 90 for 2 stars, 150 for 3 stars, 450 for 4 stars, and 525 for 5 stars. Product keyword should be perfect. All the information on the product should be explained. All the Images should be with white background and of high quality. Product prices should be given and shipping detail also is given with the product.
These are the factors that are dependent on the high product capability.

Service Capability to increase star rating on Alibaba professionally

Service capability is the second thing that matters for star rating on After you upload your product, you will start receiving messages, inquiries from buyers. Now you should be online most of the time so you can reply to them faster. The faster you reply it means you are giving good service to your buyers.
24 hr is the minimum time to reply. Always try to reply on time to increase your star rating.

How to increase star rating on Alibaba professionally?

Alibaba supplier application for mobile phones is very helpful. It will update you with all the messages and inquiries at all times. Use this app on your mobile phone and stay tuned.
Again, always reply on time to boost your star rating on Alibaba professionally.

Marketing Capability to increase star rating on Alibaba professionally

How to increase star rating on Alibaba professionally?

Marketing capability is the third and last step that depends on rating. You have to know about marketing skills on Reply to your visitors on time. Your product rating should be more than 4 out of 5. Always try to upload products professionally with all-important detail.

Always use high-level keywords for your product to increase your product visibility. Whenever buyers message you reply on time.

Conversion rate means a number of people find you with keywords and click on your product. If your product looks good means people will click on your product and this will increase your star rating.

Kuala Lumpur, December 8, 2020 –, 

one of the leading platforms for global commercial enterprise-to-business (B2B) change, has revamped its supplier score device to inspire worldwide suppliers to pursue improved advantages and better hook up with consumers internationally.

suppliers on have formerly been ranked by their ordinary e-commerce abilities based on three principal aspects: product functionality, service functionality, and advertising and marketing functionality. suppliers with a celebrity score of 1 to five stars can revel in progressed seek scores and the higher-performing suppliers can also get hold of extra promotional possibilities. Such benefits do not observe to providers that have not begun to meet the celebrity score criteria.

beneath the new superstar score framework, extra tangible blessings can be supplied to providers with a celebrity score of 1 to five stars, which includes the show in their superstar score to buyers on so as to gain their acceptance as true with, as well as eligibility for added promotional opportunities via online tradeshows, advertising, and marketing pavilions and different occasions on the platform. higher rated suppliers will maintain to get hold of extra customer inquiries, a key advantage below the previous celebrity score gadget.

“the global pandemic has disrupted all sectors however it has also introduced consumers and providers across the world closer to each other by accelerating enterprise digitalization and fostering extra online interactions. we hope our new approach of rating suppliers with the upgraded celebrity rating gadget will encourage all providers on – whether they’re already adept at digital trade or no longer – to continue pursuing excellence in the products they promote and the service they provide online via supplying even more tangible rewards to accomplish that,” said Mr. Zhang Kuo, general manager of

The revamped big-name rating system also pursuits to assist greater suppliers outside of China to get their profiles rated on and compete with other manufacturers international on a more equal footing. providers are furnished with positive assets together with self-observe training programs and get right of entry to to diverse perception for enhancing their online presence, from presenting higher customer service to information on how to effectively position their products online. has additionally been introducing rising sales procedures, together with live streaming and posting brief videos, to permit providers on its platform to draw even extra new consumers.

those new efforts are on top of the efforts by over the past yr in assisting customers and suppliers navigate challenges posed through the worldwide pandemic and take part in a digitalized worldwide exchange fact. The platform has already registered a fifty-four% year-on-year boom within the number of newly joined providers on from April to September this year, with an 84% year-on-12 months increase in the wide variety of energetic customers in the course of the identical period.

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