How to find buyers for export from Pakistan

Sialkot chamber of commerce registration fee
Sialkot chamber of commerce registration fee
January 30, 2021
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February 4, 2021
how to find buyer for export

how to find buyer for export

Buyers for export from Pakistan

how to find buyer for export
How to find buyers for export

In Pakistan, everyone wants to start an export business. Start an export business is very popular because of the money you get from the business. To start your export business on a small level you just need your NTN number from the government of Pakistan and a Website. After you get your Website and NTN number the next question is How to find buyers for export business. Today everyone is using the internet it means you should contact them through it.
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Where you can find a buyer?

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Google
  • Social Media

The above places on the internet are the best to find customers near to me. Different people have different strategies for marketing. You want to start a business you have to struggle hard and be patient.

When People want to become Exporter:


In Pakistan 🙂 People want easy money they don’t want to work hard but big money needs a big struggle. Once you start your long-term struggle and get a buyer then you can sit on a chair and relax. In Pakistan people can wait for 2 or 3 months then they start running from hard working.
Export business from Zero needs concentration and patience more than you think.

Amazon & eBay to find buyers for export:

Amazon Ebay
Amazon Ebay

eBay and Amazon are nice places to find buyers. Just open them and search for what you want to sell. Many people are running their brand. You just find their contact number and contact them and I will give you your product on wholesale with high quality. Show them your serious work in your message. Why they buy the product from you.


How to find buyers for export from Pakistan

This is the best place, just write the product name and the country name where you want your buyer. Open their website and find their contact numbers like email or WhatsApp numbers.

Social Media:

How to find buyers for export from Pakistan
Social Media

Everyone is using social media you can make your social media pages of your business. Find brands in different countries start contacting them. Don’t worry if you are not receiving a reply. Just start messaging different people from different countries and be calm.

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